Virtual Private Servers

Unbeatable performance equipped with fast SSD Storage, KVM Cloud virtualization, with our high capacity, low latency network with our powerful 480Gbps DDoS Protection!

$5.00 per extra CPU Core.
$3.00 per extra GB of memory.
$5.00 per extra 25GB of space.
IP Address
$3.50 per extra IP Address
Managed Service
Operating System



Why People Choose Us!

24/7 Support

We do not outsource our support team and all of our team are in-house striving to provide you the best service possible whilst catering for all of your requirements.

Resource Allocation

Cloud KVM completely isolates each cloud instance and thus guarantee you exclusive access to your resources. Our Enterprise SSD Drives are 2X more reliable than HDD.

Enterprise Hardware

We provision your Virtual Servers Dell Poweredge enterprise hardware. Our Cloud KVM hypervisor's are configured with * 2 Xeon E5 processor, 256GB of DDR3 PC3L-10750R Memory, and Samsung enterprise grade EVO SSD configured in raid 10 for redundancy!

Enterprise Network

Our enterprise grade network has been designed, to provide you a 99.99% uptime network in our Dallas Texas, CoreSite datacenter. Our Cloud KVM hypervisor's are configured with Dual 10Gb SFP+ uplinks combined with oru custom BGP routing solution!

Layer7 DDoS Protection

We use On-Site DDoS mitigation hardware to instantly detect an attack. Layer7 DDoS Protection means that we detect and mitigate even the most sophisticated attacks possible.

99.99% SLA

Your Cloud Virtual Servers has an uptime guarantee of 99.99%. We work hard to provide 99.99% uptime. You can rely on us to keep your server online. Downtime is rare not our policy!

Frequently Asked Question & Answer

1. Do you offer managed services?
Yes, we can provide management services at an additional cost per our managment plans at checkout .
2. What Operating Systems do we offer?
We offer the latest versions of the most popular Linux Distribution such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, with 64 bit architecture support. You may install a new OS any time of day from VM Control Panel.
3. Do provide additional IPv4?
We do provide additional IPv4 adresses/blocks based on the justification given for each IP. Additional IPv4 are Limited to a maximum of 10 per cloud server! The cost per additional IP are priced at $3.00 a month per Additional IPv4 address.
4. Do you offer IPv6?
No, currently we don't provide IPv6 adresses. We are working with CoreSite in Dallas Texas to provide this service in the future!
5. Do provide Money Back Guarantee?
We offer a 2-Day Money Back Guarantee, if you experience issues with your Cloud Virtual Server in this period. We will refund you no questions asked!
6. Do you offer discounts?
Yes, We provide discounts on a contract to contract basics, please inquire with our sales team to find out more!


Our Cloud Virtual Server are powered by Cloud KVM technology. Cloud KVM is a full kernal-based virtualization solution kernal-based virtualization solution that completely isolates each cloud virtual server and thus guarantee you exclusive access to the resources of your Dedicated CPU cores, RAM, IO and storage space

Our Web Hosting
CentOS 7
Intel Xeon E3-1240v5
32 GB DDR4 NON-ECC Memory
1 x 480GB SSD
100TB Transfer @ 1Gbps
cPanel Access
Our Dedicated Servers
CentOS 7, Ubuntu 18, Windows Servers
Intel Xeon E3-1240v5 or Intel Xeon E3-1240v5
32 - 128 GB DDR4 Memory
1 x 480GB or 2TB HDD SSD
10TB - 100TB Transfer @ 1Gbps
cPanel Access